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The Atto Las expected bigger and stronger

Second China (Dalian) Light Industry Goods Fair, as a famous brand in China, the State Ministry of Commerce AAA grade corporate integrity, piano manufacturing industry leading enterprises in Liaoning Province, "Atlas instruments manufacturing Dalian (Dalian) Co., Ltd." It will be honored to be invited in this golden early autumn harvest will be 120 square meters of booth area, gorgeous and elegant stand design, 14 different classic styles of vertical, horizontal piano at home and abroad, and the Dalian public similar romantic Bincheng.

   Atto Las Musical Instrument Manufacturing (Dalian) Co., Ltd., the predecessor of the Department Atto Las Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan full move into China by Dalian municipal government to attract foreign investment, the Japan owned piano manufacturing enterprises registered investment in Dalian Free Trade Zone, China so far only one independent owns the intellectual property rights of foreign brands piano enterprises.

  The early creation of the Atlas Piano, by Japan, the Tokyo National University of Music "a number of experts, Professor Europe piano design guru, after years of research and development of the ultimate success of this high-quality world-class brand piano, the Japanese Ministry of Education a determining for playing and teaching piano. Has been hailed as the world Steinway piano. Atlas has developed more than forty types of the horizontal pianos and upright pianos. In addition, "Atto Las" is not only the production of piano, and can be produced at the same time under the Atlas brand violin, guitar, zither. Not only to meet the demand of "teaching schools, troupes playing" the Japanese mainland Education Department requirements, while sales in more than fifty countries and regions in the world.

    Industry experts pointed out: the piano in the home ownership rate in developed countries has reached more than 50%, while China is less than 1%. However, China has nearly 400 million households, more than 130,000 primary and secondary schools, more than 200,000 kindergarten. With the recovery of the international economy, with the continuous improvement of the national economy as well as the people to cultivate consciousness gradually enhanced cultural and artistic qualities of the next generation, the future of the Chinese piano market must be huge, prospects must be very broad.

   Atlas Musical Instruments Manufacturing (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is not only independently owned the "Atto Las intellectual property, but also holds the complete and skilled production technology. In the domestic market a few years to enjoy a good reputation, cultivating a mature market, the relevant government sectors. Currently, the company is in the help of the relevant government departments are stepping up the pace of positive efforts, and strive to become bigger and stronger, and strive to achieve their own industrialization effect the Atlas of the world's top brands. To welcome the arrival of the next big market and lay a good foundation. Desire for economic growth in Dalian City, and make due contributions to the construction of Dalian "urbanization" building and "two civilizations".

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